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At Stepping Stones we focus on getting to know your child as an individual while giving them opportunities to interact in group settings. Your child's teacher will be trained to know what is typical at each stage of development so that they can easily assess the needs of each child.


Our developmentally appropriate practices include observations of the child's interactions with others and their environment, learning about what interests them, their developmental progress, and their abilities. 


Our curriculum is a combination of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in which the child will be presented with opportunities to explore each day throughout our daily routines.  

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​6 weeks-1 Year old Infants 


In our infant room we make sure that we get to know both you and your baby to build a partnership and a strong/positive relationship so that you feel safe leaving your precious little one in our care. Our goal is to mimic the routine that you have at home so you can guarantee that your baby will have personalized care based on the schedule that you prefer them to have. By keeping our ratios in our infant room at the lowest we have in our center we are able to ensure that any specific needs you have for your child can be met and our curriculum will cater to them at their own level of development while changing as they continue to grow!

​12-36m Young and Older Toddlers

It’s time to get moving! As the world around your walking, talking, explorer continues to expand we are excited to present them with all of the necessary resources that they need to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually in both a safe and clean environment. As not only early childhood professionals but energetic and enthusiastic teachers,  your child will be guided and cared for by people who love what they do!

3-6 Year Old Preschool and Pre-Kindergarteners 

“Why?” Is one of the most common questions of this age as your 3-5 year old has become more aware of their surroundings and the way of their everyday lives. They are now more concerned with the fact that we get up for school in the morning and we have nap after lunch but, “why?”. They are also beginning to get the hang of the fact that it’s cold and snowy in what we call winter but it’s hot and sunny in the summer, “Why?!”. Your child’s teacher is ready and excited to not only give answers to all of the whys and why-not's that your child at this stage of development may have but they are equipped with knowledge and room enhancements to be able to go into depth about all of the elements in your child’s expanding world. By the time they reach grade-school age your little inquisitive preschooler will feel confident in moving on to the next stage of development!



Please email or call us for more information on our summer 2018 school-age program!

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